Andrew Chater is a six-times BAFTA award-winning film-maker. He has directed and produced over 70 films, mostly historical in subject, for primetime and educational audiences in the UK and USA. Scroll below to view examples of his work.

Who Killed Thomas Becket?

The most notorious murder in medieval history. 1x50". October Films / Lodestar Productions for Channel 4. Exec Producer Adam Bullmore; written, directed and produced by Andrew Chater.

the troublesome priest (clip duration 3'57")

According to legend, four knights murdered Archbishop Thomas Becket. But this 'troublesome priest' had a whole host of enemies.

confrontation (clip duration 3'27")

A friendship turns sour: Becket confronts the King. (Becket played by Guy Henry; Henry II played by Rupert Wickham)

exile (clip duration 2'32")

Becket is forced into exile, and mortifies his flesh...

the return (Clip duration 3'44")

Becket returns to England, provoking his enemies and inviting martyrdom.

the murder (clip duration 3'07")

Described by the chroniclers in forensic detail, Becket's murder is the most notorious in medieval history.

aftermath (clip duration 3'09")

The sanctification of a martyr: how the Church turned Becket's grubby demise into a triumphal victory.

Pilate: the Man who Killed Christ

Shot on location in Morocco for Channel 4's Easter schedules in 2004. October Films / Lodestar Productions. Exec Producer Adam Bullmore; written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

blood guilt (clip duration 1'59")

In the popular imagination, the Jews, not Pilate, bear responsibility for the death of Jesus. The clip explores the ugly historical consequences of that 'blood guilt'.

the promised messiah

As the Jews pray for the promised messiah, a rabbi appears in the Galilee...

Trouble at the feast (clip duration 2'48")

Five times, Jesus visited Jerusalem for the Feasts - times of heightened tension between Roman and Jew.

the aqueduct riot (clip duration 2'58")

From the pages of the Roman historian Josephus comes an anecdote illustrating Pilate's ruthless control of Jerusalem.

what is truth? (clip duration 2'23")

Two worlds collide as Pilate confronts Jesus. (Rob Marni as Jesus; Christopher Hunter as Pilate)

crucifixion (clip duration 2'20")

The consequence of rebellion: Pilate executes the 'King of the Jews'.

Julius Caesar and the Druids

An everyday story of human sacrifice and cannibalism. Change Productions for C5 and Nat Geo. Exec Producer Ben Goold; produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

Blood in the sacred groves (clip duration 2'50")

The Druids through Roman eyes.

In the bone pit (clip duration 3'16")

Grisly finds down a swallet hole in Gloucestershire.

Cannibal Celts (clip duration 2'55")

Archaelogical evidence for ritual sacrifice.

Lindow man (clip duration 4'27")

A Celtic murder mystery.

The Story of US - "Westward" and "Heartland"

Two episodes of Nutopia's epic twelve part history of America, which premiered on History in 2010. Exec Producer Jane Root; series producer Ben Goold; produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

Gold Rush (clip duration 1'52")

Striking it rich in California, 1848.

Grizzly Attack (clip duration 1'07")

The hunter becomes the hunted. Jed Smith in the Rockies, 1824.

Explosion (clip duration 2'35")

Chinese workers building the Transcontinental Railroad use nitro-glycerine to blast through the Sierra Nevada.

Remember the Alamo (clip duration 1'04")

The death of Davy Crockett, 1836.

Tornado (clip duration 0'55")

A twister on the Plains. Nebraska, 1873.

Wagon Women (clip duration 1'30")

A new life in the West, 1846.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

A feature-length film, made for Channel 4's 17th Century season. Wall to Wall TV. Produced by Ben Goold; directed by Andrew Chater.

recusants (clip duration 5'07")

Catholics in Elizabethan England were a persecuted minority - an 'enemy within'.

the plotters meet (clip duration 3'10")

Catesby assembles his co-conspirators.

tip-off (Clip duration 4'19")

The plot unravels: Lord Monteagle receives a letter.

conspiracy theories (clip duration 4'30")

Who tipped off the authorities? The historical imagination runs riot.

endgame (clip duration 6'30")

The aftermath: Fawkes' torture, and the showdown at Holbeach House.

American Voices

The USA between the wars, told through testimonies recorded in the late '30s by the Federal Writers' Project. RTS nominated. 5 x 25", Lodestar Productions for the BBC. Written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater. 

Urban Grind (clip duration 3'19")

Working conditions for black workers in the cities are described in two testimonies from the files of the Federal Writers' Project. Evelyn Macon played by Lachele Carl; Elmer Thomas  by Ray Shell.

Immigrants (clip duration 3'12")

Three immigrants from the early decades of the 20th Century describe their first impressions of New York. Tony played by Peter Polycarpou; Miguel Santos  by Andy Lucas; Herman Kirschbaum  by Teddy Kempner.

Opportunity (clip duration 3'39")

Office worker Minnie Stonestreet describes opportunities for women in the 1920s. Minnie Stonestreet played by Lorelei King.

On The Land (clip duration 3'23")

Cotton picker Moses Austen describes a decade of hard times on one Deep South farm. Moses Austen played by Clive Rowe.

New Deal (clip duration 3'39")

WPA worker Nannie Carson describes a literacy programme amongst the backwoods communities of the Appalachia. Nannie Carson played by Lolly Susi.

Spare A Dime (clip duration 2'56")

Life on the streets in the Great Depression, as described by an anonymous down-and-out interviewed by the FWP in the late '30s. Down-and-out played by Allan Corduner.

Edwardian Britain - a History in Photographs

BAFTA-winning documentary following the pioneers of photojournalism, presented by photographer Simon Roberts. Lodestar Productions for the BBC. Written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

Looking back (clip duration 1'01"

Photojournalist Simon Roberts looks back at the pioneers of his profession.

Riots (clip duration 0'41")

Suffragette riots in Edwardian London - and their modern parallels.

casualty of war (clip duration 1'58")

The first casualty of war is truth - as First World War photographers soon discovered.

picture of poverty (clip duration 2'14")

Mission photographer John Galt records the poverty of London's East End.

History File: Nazi Germany

Five witnesses describe life in Hitler's Germany. The highest rating history series ever transmitted for schools in the UK - and still in widespread use in classrooms across the country, 15 years after its first transmission. 5x25". BAFTA winner.  Written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

brownshirt (clip duration 4'31")

Fritz Meuhlebach describes his admiration for Adolf Hitler. (Fritz Meuhlebach's words taken from "Follow My Leader", 1946. Fritz played by Joe Caffrey)

boy soldiers (clip duration 6'17")

Ex-Hitler Youth Henry Metelmann describes the militarization of a generation of German boys.

final Solution (clip duration 3'48")

Elsbeth Rosenfeld describes the transport of German Jews to death camps in the east. (Elsbeth Rosenfeld's words from "The Four Lives of Elsbeth Rosenfeld", 1965. Elsbeth played by Denise Black)

opposition (clip duration 4'35")

In his wartime diary, German aristocrat Fritz Reck-Malleczewen records his hatred of the Hitler regime. (Reck's words published as "Diary of a Man in Despair", 1947. Reck played by Guy Henry)

Seven Journeys in the American West

Made for teenagers, this one hour doc tells the story of how the West was won (and lost) through seven eyewitness accounts. Lodestar Productions for the BBC. Written, produced, directed and photographed by Andrew Chater.

Black Elk Speaks (clip duration 4'00")

Black Elk, a holy man of the Lakota Sioux, recalls life  before the coming of the Wasichu - the 'pale faces'. (Black Elk's words from John G Neihardt, "Black Elk Speaks"; Black Elk played by Gordon Tootookis)

Buffalo Hunt (clip duration 1'33")

An early white traveller in the West, Francis Parkman, recalls the thrill of a Native American buffalo hunt. (Parkman's words from "The Oregon Trail", 1847; Parkman played by Todd Boyce)

Homestead (clip duration 3'06")

The hard but rewarding life of Nebraska's early homesteaders recalled in the letters of Mattie Oblinger, 1873. (Mattie Oblinger played by Elizabeth Marmur)

Open Range (clip duration 2'54")

Cowboy Teddy Blue Abbott recalls a cattle drive in the final days of the open range. (Teddy Blue's words from "We Pointed Them North", 1879; Teddy Blue played by Mark Caven)

After Little Bighorn (clip duration 3'29")

Black Elk recalls the breaking of the Native American spirit in the decades that followed Little Bighorn. (Black Elk's words from John G Neihardt, "Black Elk Speaks"; Black Elk played by Gordon Tootookis)

Soviet Russia and the Cold War

RTS-winning series of ten half hour programmes covering 20th century Russian history, aimed at teenagers. Lodestar Productions for the BBC. Written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater.

steel for stalin (clip duration 3'15")

John Scott, an American in Stalin's Russia, recalls the surprising mood of optimism that sustained Soviet workers. (John Scott played by Colin Stinton)

Uprising (clip duration 1'24")

Ede Pfeiffer recalls an incident in the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. (Ede's words taken from "A Child of Communism", 1958. Ede played by Jonathan Broadbent)

U-2 (clip duration 5'33")

Reconstructed through drama, archive and Soviet propaganda newsreel, the clip tells the dramatic story of Gary Powers' ill-fated U-2 spy mission into Soviet airspace in May 1960. (Powers' words taken from "Operation Overflight", 1970. Powers played by Shuler Hensley)